Street Artist Bambi visits Australia with a rare show in the Bondi Pavilion

Street artist Bambi, whose fans range from Robbie Williams to Rihanna, is a mysterious female artist based London.

Her work decorates the streets and underpasses of north London, as well as the homes of everyone from Kanye West and Rihanna to Robbie Williams and Adele, but – like her male counterpart Banksy – Britain’s best-known female street artist has gone to great lengths to preserve her anonymity.

The identity of Bambi has remained a mystery since her pink tag appeared in 2010, first beneath a stencil portrait of Amy Winehouse in a Camden doorway and since then in graffiti depicting everyone from Kim Kardashian to Boris Johnson portrayed as Winston Churchill. 

Her latest series of works has shown up in the Bondi Pavilion, Australia, where it is on exhibition until Sunday 23 June.

Here are some of our favorite works from the show:


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